Watch Pastor's Powerful Response to Tebow Cancellation

Watch Pastor’s Powerful Response to Tebow Cancellation

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February 25, 2013

As you are surely aware by now, hateful and spiteful vitriol directed against Robert Jeffress, the pastor of Dallas First Baptist Church, intimidated a prominent athlete into reneging on a commitment to speak at his church.

Dr. Jeffress has been the unrelenting target of secular fundamentalists and homosexual activists, who are the source of the real hatred and bigotry in the debate over sexuality and marriage.

Watch the video here.

Through it all, Dr. Jeffress has remained resolute in his determination to declare “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27), not just the parts that are politically acceptable and tickle the ears of the public. I stand proudly alongside my brother and friend, Dr. Jeffress.

I commend him for his courage and his boldness to speak the truth in love. Please view this video of his remarks to his congregation this past Sunday. You will see in this video an example of two things: a preacher who stands without apology for the complete gospel of Jesus Christ, including what he says about eternal life and marriage, and a congregation who supports such a pastor and stands by him when he is under withering fire from the forces of hatred and unbelief.

As you view this video, I believe your reaction to Dr. Jeffress will be the same as mine: THIS is a man of God.

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