Warning to parents: Rose Parade not for family viewing

Warning to parents: Rose Parade not for family viewing

December 31, 2013

rose paradeThe 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, will feature the “wedding” of two men and will take place aboard a float sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. 

Millions of television viewers will see two homosexual men take wedding vows on a float that will celebrate same-sex marriage.

Rather than risk exposing your children to the blatant promotion of a sinful lifestyle this Wednesday morning, we urge your family to simply skip watching the entire network televised parade altogether.

Send a message to William Flinn, executive director of the Rose Bowl Parade, letting him know that you will not be tuning in to see this “in your face” promotion of homosexuality.

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Here’s some great news!

Because of your efforts, A&E network has reversed its decision to suspend Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. More than 67,000 AFA supporters signed our petition to A&E, calling for the reversal. 

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson will return to work on A&E’s reality show despite his truthful and biblically-based comments about gay homosexuality.

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