VA medical center pulls curtain to hide Jesus, cross and altar

VA medical center pulls curtain to hide Jesus, cross and altar

June 2, 2014

Click on image for larger view.At the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain, Michigan, officials have decided a dedicated chapel should not be perceived as a chapel because it might offend someone.

Because the chapel is open to the public 24/7, Director James Rice authorized staff to literally hide the statue of Jesus, a cross and altar behind a curtain. He’s still trying to figure out what to do about the religious-themed stain glass windows.

The Center’s Facebook page tried to defend its agnostic decision by saying the chapel displays the religious items during scheduled “chapel services” on Friday and Sunday. During other times, they must be hidden from public sight to give an appearance of “religious neutrality.”

Once again, the VA is showing hostility toward expressions of the Christian faith. 

Last December, VA centers censored displays and expressions of Christmas at four separate facilities, prompting Congress to call the VA to task for the blatant violation of religious freedoms by patriotic Americans.

Richard Riley, pastor of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Iron Mountain, said the decision to turn the formerly Christian chapel into a religiously neutral room is evidence of a bigger problem.

“Christianity, not only globally, but particularly in the United States, is really under attack,” he told FoxNews’ Todd Starnes. “Christianity is coming under some horrendous conflict from the media and to some degree from our own government.”


Strongly urge your members of Congress to personally investigate why the Veterans Administration continues to censor the Christian religion at medical facilities. 

With former Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki now resigned in disgrace, it’s time for our elected officials to make a clean sweep of the VA and stop the nonsense under President Obama’s leadership.

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