This president understood what it meant to be an American

This president understood what it meant to be an American

July 4, 2014

America needs a leader…a leader who understands that the only hope for our country lies in its recognition of God as the Supreme Ruler.

President Ronald Reagan was one such man. His faith gave us pride in our country and hope for our future. He publicly expounded his faith to all generations of Americans.

On this July 4, I encourage you to watch this short video tribute to President Reagan.

Hear him quote John 3:16 and other scripture as Commander-In-Chief. From the first minute of the video, President Reagan expounds on the importance of prayer.

In our nation’s history, America has faced many crises that have brought her to her knees in prayer. Only with God’s help can our country be delivered from the evil that now prevails across our land.

Will you join me in prayer for America? We’ve created a special website just for this purpose. It includes a daily prayer calendar you can use to pray for specific areas – Country, Church, Family and your AFA.

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