Teaching Kids a Healthy Diet

Gone are the days and now it’s time for school once more. Feeding the kids is always an issue because of how picky they are. Don’t want to eat this, don’t want to eat that….. As a parent, I have to find ways to give them food that is attractive and appetizing and at the same time healthy. It is a huge challenge.

Luckily, I found out about Mission Tortillas. I was amazed at how versatile tortillas are. I can give them to the kids any meal of the day. Even for snacks. Kids won’t have a chance to get tired of eating tortillas especially that there are two kinds of these: corn and flour. Flour tortillas has 0 grams Trans fat per serving and are cholesterol free. Which makes it very healthy for the kids to eat. They are available in three different sizes: small (6″), medium (8″) and large (10″). Mission Tortillas are available in major grocery stores nationwide.

For this school year, my kids will have fun guessing what tortillas will be on the table. They will be excited to open their lunch boxes in school. And I would be confident at home knowing that my kids are eating right and healthy.

During weekends, I can have the kids with me in the kitchen planning and preparing our healthy meal with Mission Flour Tortillas. This way, the kids can have a hands-on experience on how to prepare a healthy food. The more we do it together, the more knowledgable they will become about eating healthy.

Mission Flour Tortillas are budget-friendly. They are easy to prepare so it’s a great pantry staple. I’m gathering more Mission Tortillas recipes. So when school starts, I will be all set with my everyday menus with Mission Tortillas.

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