Take action: Obama Circuit Court pick is a dangerous judicial activist

Take action: Obama’s Circuit Court pick is a dangerous judicial activist

Email your senators today and urge them to oppose Michelle Friedland’s nomination to the U.S. Circuit Court for the Ninth Circuit

April 3, 2014

Next week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on President Barack Obama’s nominee to the U.S. Circuit Court for the Ninth Circuit, Michelle Taryn Friedland.

Friedland is a political leftist who regularly seeks to achieve her political goals through judicial usurpation of legislative power. For example: 

“[The] constitution only creates rights to the extent a judiciary…says it does…”
– Obama’s Nominee Michelle Friedland

Senators should boldly refuse to confirm a judge like Friedland who thinks that the statutes passed by Senators – and even the Constitution adopted by our Founders – mean nothing until courts say they do.

If confirmed to the Ninth Circuit, Friedland, who is 41 years old, would be at the top of the left’s short list for the Supreme Court. Her writings and record show that she does not respect the role of the courts which is to apply the laws – not to re-write them.

Her nomination should be opposed for any number of reasons (sources here – pdf):

  • Friedland lobbied for confirmation of several of Obama’s most activist nominations.
  • She is an executive board member of the leftist, anti-Constitutional “American Constitution Society,” Bay Area Lawyer Chapter.
  • The far left has decorated her for her use of the judiciary to usurp legislative power.
  • She sought to deny constitutional rights to religious students.
  • Her rejected arguments to the Supreme Court in Bustillo and Medellin would cede U.S. sovereignty to foreign courts.
  • She argues that the “Separation of Powers” doctrine gives the courts legislative power to write its own views into the constitution.
  • She takes judicial activism to a new low by seeking only strike down not only statutes, but also constitutional amendments.

Take Action 

It is important that you contact your two senators today and urge them to oppose the nomination of Michelle Friedland. 

Take Action Now  Email your two Senators now! 

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