Sears/Kmart's pitiful response to Christians

Sears/Kmart’s pitiful response to Christians

Sears says anti-Christian bigotry is not their idea; they just pay to help spread it

February 20, 2013

Christians are getting the cold shoulder from Sears and Kmart after asking the company to pull funding from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” program.

Last Saturday night, the network aired a violent and gory segment mocking Jesus Christ (see earlier alert here). Thanks to the funding by Sears and Kmart, NBC publicly painted Jesus as a revengeful murderer bent on killing the Romans who crucified Him.

Sears/Kmart (both owned by Sears Holdings) offers only a tepid and unfeeling response on its Facebook page by saying, “We didn’t intentionally run the ad adjacent to the skit. The show is responsible for the content; it doesn’t reflect our views.”

Here’s the rub:

• Sears/Kmart refuses to apologize for offending Christians by sponsoring the segment.
• Sears/Kmart will not promise to pull funding from Saturday Night Live, which has a long history of attacking the Christian faith.
• Had it been a segment demeaning Islam, you can be sure Sears/Kmart would have publicly condemned the segment and pulled all support immediately.

Ironically, Sears’ Facebook page contains dozens of apologies to customers for poor customer service or faulty products. But there is not a single apology to the hundreds of Christians who contacted them about their advertising.


Sears/Kmart doesn’t get it. Will you help them understand that attacking the Christian faith is not a good business model?

1. Call Sears corporate headquarters at 847-286-2500 and let them know you are offended by their tepid response to the Christian community. Ask them to apologize for funding attacks on Christianity and to pull all funding from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

2. Visit Sears’ Facebook page and leave this comment:

I was offended to by Sears/Kmart’s funding of the anti-Christian segment on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Christians deserve an apology from the company, along with a commitment to pull all funding from this program going forward.

3. Post this to your Twitter account:
@Sears Christians deserve an apology from Sears for sponsoring anti-Christian bigotry #Sears

Sears/Kmart needs to hear from you today. Please make your voice heard.

Take Action Now Have you signed the petition to Sears/Kmart yet? Do it here!

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