Paranoid Mom

I have to blame my mom. She has somehow put this crazy fear of everything into my brain. I always thought she was crazy. I always thought she was overreacting and reading too much into the news or whatever mystery show she was watching. How could anyone worry that much? Well, now that I have a child, I am the same way. I see a stranger in front of our house and I think he is plotting to rob our house. I see an abandoned car on the street and I think there is someone hiding in it. Needless to say, I was starting to lose sleep over this new, paranoid fear. I finally went to and found a security system for our house. While I know this paranoid feeling will probably never go away, at least I can feel safe when I am in the house. There is something to say for being prepared and protecting your kids, but sometimes I wonder if I need to seek psychiatric help for the level of paranoia that I have reached.

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