NBC: A violent and gory mocking of Jesus

NBC: A violent and gory mocking of Jesus

Kmart, Sears and J.C.Penney throw financial support behind anti-Christian contempt

February 19, 2013

This past weekend, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” aired an extremely violent and gory segment mocking Jesus Christ…just for laughs. And, it’s available now online thanks to Kmart, Sears and J.C.Penney.

The segment is a fake movie trailer depicting a Quentin Tarantino-style Jesus returning to get revenge. It’s called, “Djesus Uncrossed.” Thanks to the funding by mainstream advertisers, NBC is painting Jesus as a revengeful murderer bent on killing the Romans who crucified Him.

You can watch the skit here, but be aware you will be disgusted at the mockery. 

The trailer features Jesus and the Apostles gunning down scores of Romans. At one point the Jesus character slices a man’s head in half. “Critics are calling it a less violent ‘Passion of the Christ,'” the announcer said. “I never knew how much Jesus used the N-word.”


Kmart, Sears and J.C. Penney have the responsibility to demand their brands not support programs that mock people of faith.

Sears, Kmart and J.C. Penney are underwriting this attack on the Christian faith on NBC network. Let them know you are offended.

1. Facebook users: Copy and post this message to your Facebook page and let encourage others to take action!

Kmart, Sears and JCPenney sponsor violent and gory mocking of Jesus. http://action.afa.net/Detail.aspx?id=2147532531

2. Twitter users: Copy and paste this message to your Twitter account:

@kmart @sears @jcpenney A vicious attack on the Christian faith. http://bit.ly/VrHTl2 #kmart #sears #jcpenney

3. Not a social media user? Sign our petition to Kmart, Sears and J.C.Penney. We’ll deliver the message for you!

Take Action Now  Sign the petition to Kmart, Sears and J.C.Penney now! 

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