Memories That Can Never Be Forgotten

In a lifetime, so many things happen that leave mark on our life. Seems like yesterday when I walked up on stage and received an award for being the best in my class. My parents standing next to me. All smiles and feeling so proud of their daughter. What a wonderful feeling to have your parents feel proud of you!  I’ve always wanted to do the best I can with whatever I do. And it’s all because of my parents. They worked so hard to provide for  the family;  to make us, ( myself, sister and brother) the kind of persons we are right now. The least I can do is make them proud of me. Back then, I never realized it. I just knew that it gives me happiness when I do something that makes them smile. I failed myself so many times. But I know I was never a failure in making them happy. 

Getting married is something I thought I would never do. Let alone being a stepmom of the three kids 🙂 But, here I am. A happy wife and a not-so-happy stepmom (just kiddin’) So many challenges of the life that I am living now. But I believe I am still making my parents happy. If only my mom was there on my wedding day, she would be ecstatic about her daughter getting married after 32 years! But I’m sure she was watching over us when I said my “I do’s” and still feeling proud of me.

Life goes on. And we continue to make memories that can never be forgotten.

the wedding rings

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