Making the Band

I love watching the show “Making the Band” on my satellite tv that I got from This awesome show is hosted by Puff Daddy and shows how he tries to put together a great band. This show is filled with so much drama that I am obsessed with it. I love seeing the process entailed in creating a band, and I think this show is so cool. I love to see the different types of people that try out for this show too! It is such a great show and is so entertaining. I truly love this show and recommend it to anyone with an interest in music.

I also love watching this show for the great music featured on it. This show truly has the best rap songs. There is nothing I love more than hearing a great rap song performed on a show. I also love seeing the dance moves that are taught on this show. The dance moves that people on this show have to master are truly so challenging. It is crazy to see how hard people have to work to keep up with the choreographer of this show. People have to work so incredibly hard to be able to participate on this show. I am always amazed at the people that end up winning on this show and end up making the band! They are so talented and amazing!

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