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Your Email To DIRECTV Could Restore Family-Values Programming

February 20, 2014

You may know American Family Association as opposing sex, violence and profanity on television, but AFA is also FOR family-friendly television that the whole family can watch. Such is INSP!

On January 31st, INSP was removed from DIRECTV’s channel lineup. INSP is important to all of us at AFA.

DIRECTV is unwilling to carry INSP for free even though INSP has higher ratings than at least half of the other networks carried by DIRECTV and that DIRECTV pays a monthly license fee to. This includes those that exhibit violent, immoral and sexually explicit programming. In fact, DIRECTV pays a monthly license fee to 90% of the networks it carries but refuses to carry a FREE network like INSP with high ratings.

I know you stand with me in believing there is not enough wholesome family-values programming on television today.

AFA believes in INSP. I’m calling on all our friends and supporters who may be DIRECTV customers to make your voice heard. Here’s how you can help.


Send a polite letter to DIRECTV President Michael White, asking him to bring INSP programming back. We have prepared a pre-written letter for you to send, or you can write your own.

Then call 1-844-GET-INSP (1-844-438-4677) to encourage DIRECTV to reinforce your concern.

When you are connected to DIRECTV’s customer service representative they may tell you DIRECTV did not drop INSP. INSP simply decided not to renew their contract. This carefully chosen language disguises the fact that INSP NEVER wanted to go off DIRECTV.

I know INSP does not charge satellite companies and cable systems to carry their programming like most other networks do. INSP is free and has always been free to distributors like DIRECTV.

Thank you in advance for your help, your support and your immediate action.

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