Chevrolet mocks God's plan for marriage and family

Chevrolet mocks God’s plan for marriage and family

February 14, 2014

If you’ve watched any of the Olympics, you’ve probably already noticed that NBC is using the games as a pro-gay platform. The network hasn’t missed any opportunity to promote the homosexual lifestyle to millions of American viewers.

Chevrolet is helping drive the crusade to normalize two men having sex with each other as a “family.” They threw in a couple of children to help legitimize the impression.

One of two Chevrolet ads pushing homosexualityOn the opening night of the Olympics on NBC, Chevrolet launched two commercials showcasing homosexual men. As one national branding firm manager put it, “It’s a very clear statement of what they believe Chevy stands for.” Indeed.

One ad showed quick shots of many different families, including a male couple with a son and a daughter. 

Another ad featured different images of America, including a shot of a gay couple getting married. “Like the old love, the new love starts with a kiss,” a voiceover states.


To be most effective, urge Chevrolet to stop promoting homosexuality by taking the following actions:

  • MOST EFFECTIVE: Politely contact your local Chevrolet dealer. Ask him to use his influence to urge the company to simply remain neutral in the culture war over homosexuality. Let them know the company is hurting local dealerships by taking sides.
  • Speak directly to a customer representative by using the “Chat Now” feature at the bottom of Chevrolet’s website here – 
  • TWITTER USERS: Tweet this message: #Chevrolet Stop mocking God’s design for marriage and family and drop #TheNew campaign.
Take Action Now  Find Chevrolet’s contact information here 

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