Chevrolet launches profanity-laced TV commercial

Don’t let Chevrolet offend your family unchallenged…defend your values!

January 20, 2014

silverado adA new commercial for the Chevrolet Silverado pickup aired multiple times during two NFL playoff games to an audience of families with young children.

In the commercial, the announcer forcefully declares some tailgating activities should “be dam-ed.”

You can watch the ad here. 

Chevrolet’s (GMC) use of profanity is irresponsible and offensive. It is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial.


To be most effective, urge Chevrolet to pull this profanity-laced ad by taking the following actions:

  • MOST EFFECTIVE: Politely contact your local Chevrolet dealer. Ask them to use their influence to urge the company to pull the offensive ad. Let them know the company is hurting their local dealership by offending customers.
  • TWITTER USERS: Tweet this message: @chevrolet drop the profanity from your ad! #SilveradoStrong

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