Chevrolet confirms: We have pulled the ad

Chevrolet confirms: We have pulled the ad

January 21, 2014 

AFA spoke with a Chevrolet representative this morning after its profanity-laced ad suddenly disappeared from the company’s Facebook and YouTube accounts. 

Chevrolet confirmed that the Silverado commercial was removed after hearing from thousands of consumers who found the use of profanity offensive.  Hundreds of posts on Chevrolet’s Facebook page chastised the company for lowering company standards to include gutter language. 

See original AFA Action Alert on this issue here. 

I believe that had Christians not spoken out, Chevrolet would have continued to air the television commercial without respect to the fact that their public use of profane language would be broadcast to millions of children. 

Thank you for standing with American Family Association and making your voice heard in the culture war. Our collective voices DO make a difference! 

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