A Tribute to my Husband

I remember the day when we met and how we met. Back then I would have never imagined that our relationship would come this far. Who would have thought that two people who were oceans apart and who only had to depend on the Internet for communications, would develop a special kind of relationship that would lead into something that we have right now. The circumstances of how we met are the ones that I would rather forget. But how can I forget something that is so significant in my life? So, rather than forgetting, I chose to understand. Let go of the past, embrace what we have right now and look forward to the future.

People are doubting us for so many reasons. Some even bet that we won’t last two years of being married. Well, we should seriously think about throwing a big party and invite those people to celebrate with us on our third wedding anniversary this year. 😉  Because of our different cultures, others assume that we wouldn’t make it. They are probably basing their opinions on their own experiences. But neither one of us is struggling on this issue. We share the same values and beliefs. There are little differences inbetween but every single one is negotiated in a loving way.

I love being married to you. And I know you feel the same way. Life is tough. Life is not fair and life is full of challenges. But as long as we are together, we will find happiness through it all.

My mother was the ultimate reason why and how we met. She is our angel that brought us together. Losing her was the most hurtful thing that ever happened in my life. But because of you, the pain gradually disappeared. What is left now is happy memory of her. I only wish she still had a chance to meet you and see for herself how wonderful you are. I wish she had a chance to hold your hands and feel for herself that her daughter is going to be safe and happy in your hands.

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