To Be or Not To Be Friends with Your Kids

Miley Cyrus, a very popular teen personality in Hollywood just turned 18. Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus is getting worried that his daughter is beginning to lose control of herself. She was throwing her own birthday party at a bar. She’s been into so many controversies. The latest being a video of her smoking a legal hallucinogen. In an interview, Billy Cyrus admitted that he made a big mistake as a dad. He feels like being a friend to his daughter while she’s growing up is one reason why she doesn’t listen to him now. It is so sad to see these young, talented and beautiful stars who are so famous and rich, and yet they’re living a miserable and unhappy life. Lindsay Lohan is another example. She even admitted that her dad is the reason why her life is such a wreck.

I agree with Billy Cyrus. Being a friend with your kids while they are growing up is a big mistake that a parent can do. There is a right time for the kids to be friends with their parents. And that time is certainly not when they are growing up . Kids need their parents to be parents, not to be friends. Now, does “not being a friend with the kids” mean a parent doesn’t love them?

Looking back to the time when I was growing up, I don’t remember my dad to be my friend. My mom, yes. But never my dad. But, I still feel loved by my dad. He was there to help me out with my homework. He played with me and my siblings, he used to carry me up on his shoulders when we walk home from attending church. And most of all, he worked hard to provide for us. He worked hard so he can send us all to school. I felt I can throw tantrums on my mom because she’s my friend. But never with dad. I was growing up with my siblings, my dad was so strict. You have to follow his rules. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of his house and forced to be on your own. Does this mean my dad didn’t love us?

Time passed by, we finished school and had our own job. Dad is not as strict as he was anymore. His words are as meaningful to us now as it was before. We still listen to him, not because we have to but because we want to. That’s how much love we have for our dad. Now we’re friends with dad. We talk about anything and everything under the sun. Looking back, I realized that in the begining, I followed my dad’s rules because I was scared of him. I didn’t want to be yelled at especially when my friends are around. And I didn’t want to be whipped with a single stickbroom. Then I started college. Technically I was on my own. But I still followed my dad’s rules. I slipped once in awhile but the ultimate goal is still to follow my dad’s. And it’s not because of fear anymore. Somehow I developed this feeling of wanting my parents to be happy.

When we were kids, parents tell us what to do and we follow. But the kids of the new generation are doing things the other way around. Who’s to blame?

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