Plastic Surgery Against Child Bullying

Samantha Shaw, a first grader from South Dakota came to New York with her mom  to get a surgery done for her ears. The mom felt it was needed because of how her ears stick out. During  an interview, the mom said that her daughter was being bullied in school by other kids and even adults for having  ears that stick out. To end the bullying as early as now, the mother decided to get it fixed through surgery.

Is it just me or is there really something wrong with the mom? She used to be a kid too and she should have understood that however you look like as a kid, you will always be bullied for something. Kids can be mean too. Adults being bullies is another issue. The mom is so wrong to think that getting her daughter’s ears fixed through plastic surgery is going to fix the problem of bullying. Now that the kid had the surgery, the more she will be teased and bullied in school.

It is a natural instinct for moms to protect their children against harm and danger; against sadness and unhappiness. In this situation, there is nothing wrong with the mom’s motivation of wanting to end the bullying. But her approach of turning into plastic surgery is so wrong. She is giving a  message to her child that there is something wrong with her when in fact there is not. Then, she made things worse by showing to the kid that plastic surgery is going to fix the problem.

Strong and open relationship with the child in the family is the best weapon against bullying in school. It is important for the child to establish self esteem at home. She should develop the sense of security among the family members. The more the child feels secure about herself at home, the more she would be equipped in dealing with the bullies around her in an environment away from home.

Plastic surgery is not a solution for child bullying in schools. Although it is very helpful in other circumstances, it is certainly not the case with child bullying. As with  Samantha Shaw, she is just very unfortunate to have a mom who is very insecure herself.


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