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Plastic Surgery Against Child Bullying

Samantha Shaw, a first grader from South Dakota came to New York with her mom  to get a surgery done for her ears. The mom felt it was needed because of how her ears stick out. During  an interview, the mom said that her daughter was being bullied in school by other kids and even […]

The Pressures of Sleepovers

One time, my husband was so furious with my stepdaughter for going to a sleepover while she was with the mom. She’s aware that her daddy doesn’t approve of sleepovers. But since she did it when she was with mommy, and mommy was okay with it, that got her off the hook with daddy.

The “Skin”

MTV means Music Television. It is a very popular cable channel especially among the teenagers. This channel used to be just about music. But lately, they are getting into producing shows. Maybe to compete with the cable industry. Some shows make sense. But others too like “16 and Pregnant”, “Teen Mom” and “Skin” don’t make […]

Grounding Kids in a Digital World

Growing up in a conservative family, my parents have all these rules. You’re not suppose to talk back to them; do your homework before you play or watch television; bedtime is always ten in the evening the latest; have to wake up early even on weekends because you have chores to do and above all, […]

You Can’t Choose Your Parents

I love long weekends because then I have more time to spend with my family. I’ve only been married for 2 years. I don’t have kids but my husband has three from his previous marriage. Unfortunately for him, his ex-wife got the residential custody of the kids due to the fact that he works two […]

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