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Some Evangelicals I Know

“Right now, amongst city Americans and Europeans, ‘evangelical Christian’ is occasionally a synonym for ‘rube.’ In liberal circles, evangelicals represent 1 of the handful of teams that it really is secure to mock openly. Nevertheless the liberal caricature of evangelicals is incomplete and unfair.” So writes Nicholas Kristof in the March 29thNew York Occasions as […]

A Excellent Male Honored: Jean Vanier (2015 Templeton Prize)

The Templeton Basis justifies substantial praise for giving its annual award, the Templeton Prize (and right here ), to the Canadian thinker and humanitarian, Jean Vanier (and right here). The prize was set up in 1972 and is presented to a residing individual who “has manufactured an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension, whether […]

Bassam Ishak Press Convention

On Thursday, Family members Study Council and the Syriac Countrywide Council of Syria will host a joint news meeting to carry recognition and support to Syrian Christians who have been struggling beneath the brutality of the Islamic Condition. Syrian Christians in the northeastern province of al Hassakeh have been combatting an overwhelming assault by Islamic […]

Georgia’s S.B. 129 would cost-free all Georgians from the tentacles of federal government

Down in Ga, opponents of individual legal rights and individual flexibility are trying to ratchet up their smear marketing campaign in opposition to S.B. 129, the “Ga Spiritual Liberty Restoration Act.”

Wagner v. Jones: Faculty Discrimination and Conservative Politics

March eighteen, 2015 twelve:00 ET    ( 18 sights) This is the private story of Teresa Wagner, professor, wife, mother and 3rd-era attorney who took the University of Iowa College of Regulation to courtroom for political discrimination based mostly on her conservative and pro-lifestyle views. It is an account of a single woman’s perseverance to communicate […]

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