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Trend Isn¿t the Most Crucial Thing to Appear Out of Milan

If you have some time, watch FRC’s lecture with Jim Tonkowich talking about his new e-book, The Liberty Threat: The Assault on Spiritual Flexibility in America Right now. A single particularly intriguing aspect of the chat was Tonkowich’s dialogue of the increase of religious independence during the Roman Empire. Of certain relevance was the Edict […]

The Coalition: What Occurs When Islam Rules?

The Coalition written by counter-terrorism specialist LTG (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin and terrorism skilled Kamal Saleem will be introduced by Publish Hill Press on Nov. 11, 2014. The Coalition describes a globe in which Muslims have succeeded in getting to be the majority populace of many European Countries, incorporating to their dominance in the Middle […]

eleven Principles of a Reagan Conservative

Dr. Paul Kengor normally takes a new look at Reagan conservatism in his latest e-book, eleven Rules of a Reagan Conservative. With many conservatives vying to be the “Reagan Conservative,” it is essential that we not drop Reagan’s legacy in present day political rhetoric. Dr. Kengor identifies crucial ideas such as Flexibility, Family members, Faith, […]

The Constitution and Executive Orders

Family Study Council does not take a placement on immigration reform. We have obtained ample on our plate, from guarding unborn kids and their mothers from a predatory abortion business and sustaining standard marriage as the foundation of our lifestyle to safeguarding spiritual liberty as the “first freedom” of our republic.

The Liberty Menace: Assault on Spiritual Liberty in America

Metropolis officers in Houston subpoenaed sermons from spot pastors to see what they’ve stated about sexuality and gender. Christian ministries are getting pushed off school campus for obtaining Christian statements of faith. A New Mexico Supreme Courtroom justice wrote in an impression that Christian businesspeople “compelled by law to compromise the extremely spiritual beliefs that […]

News Flash: The Pope is Professional-Existence

As a non-Catholic, I have followed with some interest the controversy relating to Pope Francis and his attitude toward abortion.  Though he has created obvious professional-life statements all alongside (“Every unborn little one, though unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of the Lord, who even before his birth, and then as quickly as […]

How Crucial is Election Working day Turnout? Question Anthony Brown.

On Election Day (or, with early and absentee voting, throughout election year), not every citizen who is registered to vote will actually vote. There are a range of reasons. Some have not place in the time and effort to teach on their own about the people and problems on the ballot. Some really do not […]

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