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PBS’s “The Roosevelts”: Some Myths, Yes, But Some Welcome Surprises

Steve Moore of the Heritage Foundation punctures some of Ken Burns’s myth-creating in the latest PBS sequence, “The Roosevelts.” As this distinguished economist points out, unemployment through the decade of the 1930s averaged an eye-popping 15%. Even as late as 1941, as the region ramped up its defense investing and millions went to function in […]

Islamism and Ferguson: There is No Moral Equivalence Between Them

In his speech yesterday at the United Nations, President Obama used the shooting of an unarmed African-American gentleman in Ferguson, Missouri to notice that The usa indignation at evil is not self-righteousness. Right here is what commentator Richard Grenell, a former American U.N. official, stated about the President’s comments:

The Value of Christian Society

When confronting teams like ISIS or Hamas, it is frequently hard for the West to recognize the grotesque violence and reckless hatred that these groups market towards these with whom they disagree. These teams do not wish to negotiate or reason. They wish to conquer and rule. On the a single hand, the West has […]

Healthcare Ideas Are Not Returnable

Healthcare is distinctive amid numerous of the items we commonly buy in that it is non-returnable.  Health care is only obtainable for purchase when a yr during “Open Enrollment”, until 1 has a qualifying existence occasion. When you enroll in a health care program, even though you can fall your coverage anytime in excess of […]

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