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Urge Cartoon Network to drop 'Black Jesus' program

Urge Cartoon Network to drop “Black Jesus” program The late night programming on the Cartoon Network, known as Adult Swim, plans to air the live action show “Black Jesus” portraying Jesus as a profane, pot-smoking, alcohol-drinking character in the impoverished urban Compton Gardens.

You Have been a A single-Celled Ponder As soon as

Right now Dr. Prentice, my colleague who is Senior Fellow for Lifestyle Sciences at Loved ones Investigation Council, and Dr. Andy Harris (R-MD), who has sponsored the Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2012 and has been an energetic voice in bioethics discussions on Capitol Hill, presented a lecture on human cloning.

Human Cloning and Bioethics: Restoring Ethics in a Mad World

Human cloning has presently happened. In excess of the very last 14 months, there have been 3 released successes at making human clones in the laboratory. What did the cloners really do, and what are the claims about human cloning? The Fda is now contemplating permitting a strategy extremely related to human cloning, to create […]

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