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Humanist “Chaplain”? — Not all Worldviews are Religions

We have been heartened to see right now that the Navy determined to adopt the typical feeling place of refusing to commission a humanist “chaplain.” Aside from the failure of the chaplain below review to fulfill the needs of current Office of Defense restrictions, the whole idea of filling a minimal quantity of Navy billets […]

Spiritual Liberty in the Armed forces

Sign up for FRC and Dr. John Fleming, U.S. Consultant for Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District, for a discussion of issues to spiritual expression in the army and ongoing legislative responses. Dr. Fleming will give an overview of current limitations on spiritual liberty in the armed forces, define measures Congress has taken to protect service members’ […]

Flexibility TO Progression vs. Liberty of Faith

Recently, two UVA undergrads — Gregory Lewis and Stephanie Montenegro — despatched a letter to one particular of the most esteemed UVA legislation professors telling him he doesn’t understand how his viewpoints on religion and relationship are impacting the actual globe (study: hurting their lead to).They also submitted a FOIA request searching for “university-funded journey […]

What Choose McShane thinks he understands — but is false

Federal judges appear to have entered into an echo chamber of political correctness in their modern rulings in assist of the homosexual redefinition of marriage. They ignore or deny apparent truths (like the significance of procreation to the natural definition of marriage), although dogmatically asserting as real things which are either blatantly untrue or inherently unknowable.

Yearly Protection Authorization Invoice Passes the Home with Religious Liberty Provision

Regardless of two years of Congressional initiatives to affirm a services member’s independence to practice and convey their religion in the military, confusion in excess of the scope of that independence persists, especially in the Air Pressure. Noting that confusion’s detrimental influence on troop morale, Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) launched an modification to the Property […]

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