Monthly Archives: March 2014

Summary of Oral Arguments in Sebelius v. Passion Foyer and Conestoga Wooden Specialties Corporation v. Sebelius

The put up-oral-argument predictions in the Pastime Foyer situation will keep on to pour out as numerous entities (far more or significantly less interested in the end result) make guesses about which way the Supreme Court docket will rule now that the justices have experienced a chance to quiz the attorneys for each facet. The […]

Michigan Marriage and the Rule of Legislation

Regardless of one’s underlying position on what point out marriage policy ought to be, most Americans agree that developing that coverage must be a approach rooted in authorized and democratic means. However, for all the existing Administration’s blustering about regard and tolerance for a range of viewpoints on relationship, quite small of that regard has […]

Crowding Out by Obamacare

Recently, a neighborhood talk radio program here in D.C. had a caller who described his before and after insurance coverage costs for his family of 4. Prior to Obamacare: $ three,five hundred after Obamacare: $ 10,five hundred. His family’s disposable earnings has reduced by $ 7,000. He asserted that his family members was middle course, […]

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