Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Malthusians Return

The tired outdated argument has returned. People are heading to stop the planet. The oceans will increase, the land will burn up, and aliens will invade. Okay, there are no predictions of an alien invasion … nevertheless. So what is the remedy to these problems? Get rid of those pesky individuals. Following all if there […]

The frosting can not protect it up

Yesterday Prepared Parenthood wished alone a Pleased ninety seventh Birthday. Its Fb page and Twitter feed highlighted the image of a one candle, atop a frosted and sprinkled cupcake, with the following terms: “97 years ago the initial Prepared Parenthood clinic opened in Brooklyn,New York. These days, we celebrate the 3 million patients that come […]

A Deal Occupation Well worth Keeping

Right after a mad scramble to pass legislation resolving the govt shut down and extending a cap on federal borrowing authority, the Residence swiftly agreed to 1 added resolution late last evening. In a nod to a lingering shutdown-associated concern pertaining to the function certain agreement ministers and religious providers personnel play in our navy, […]

Is The us Far more Pro-life than Ever?

The hole in between the proportion of Us citizens who self-determine as professional-existence and who discover as professional-decision may possibly be scaled-down than ever, according to reports from Rasmussen and Gallup. In fact, pro-life arguments might be shifting the American individuals toward guarding the unborn.

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