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FRC in the News: July sixteen, 2013

Defending the Spiritual Liberty of People Who Defend Us Ken Blackwell, Family members Analysis Council’s Senior Fellow for Loved ones Empowerment, wrote an report for about the modern assaults on spiritual liberty. It is quite apparent that members of our armed forces are the ones going through outright suppression of their spiritual freedoms. Loved ones […]

Cohabitation: Preferred? Maybe. Productive? Nope.

In Friday’s Best of the Net These days, James Taranto referenced a RAND report displaying that males and women entering cohabiting interactions have commonly differing anticipations and attitudes. Amid cohabiters aged 18 to 26, thirteen percent much more males than ladies deficiency “near-certainty” about the permanence of their connection, and fifteen per cent more men […]

Hunting In direction of Liberty: An Stop to Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has as soon as yet again identified its way into the media highlight. Regardless of whether it is a Saudi Princess allegedly keeping girls from their will and forcing them to work from their will or a intercourse trafficking sting in Mexico Metropolis, which freed 74 girls from captivity, we carry on to […]

Will Snowden Appear into Putin’s Eyes?

Previous NSA contactor Edward Snowden would not be the very first American to consider to get “a feeling of his soul” by seeking hopefully into Vladimir Putin’s eyes. In June 2001, President George W. Bush informed the globe he experienced done that at their very first summit assembly and had noticed a excellent male there. […]

Sesquicentennial: Gettysburg 2013

The very good people of Indianapolis waited for the Presidential Funeral Train to stop in their town in the spring of 1865. When it arrived, decked in mourning colors and in Union bunting, they despatched all the schoolchildren of the town past Abraham Lincoln’s bier first. They realized their young children were their ambassadors to […]

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