Monthly Archives: February 2011

A Tribute to my Husband

I remember the day when we met and how we met. Back then I would have never imagined that our relationship would come this far. Who would have thought that two people who were oceans apart and who only had to depend on the Internet for communications, would develop a special kind of relationship that would lead into […]

The Pressures of Sleepovers

One time, my husband was so furious with my stepdaughter for going to a sleepover while she was with the mom. She’s aware that her daddy doesn’t approve of sleepovers. But since she did it when she was with mommy, and mommy was okay with it, that got her off the hook with daddy.

The “Skin”

MTV means Music Television. It is a very popular cable channel especially among the teenagers. This channel used to be just about music. But lately, they are getting into producing shows. Maybe to compete with the cable industry. Some shows make sense. But others too like “16 and Pregnant”, “Teen Mom” and “Skin” don’t make […]

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